Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Just breathe...

Today was my day off from work....
To start off with, it wasn't much of a day off but I am blessed to have gotten household chores done like laundry and the like...
Time flies when you're having fun...or so the saying goes. Life moves rather quickly, sometimes it's good to just stop and breathe; giving thanks for another day, another moment to cherish. Each moment is sacred, no matter what... Time is like a passing shadow that envelops us from head to toe, it comes and goes like a shooting arrow.
At times, when my boyfriend and I would spend time together, he showed me the most important part of just being....that's breathing. When emotions want to take over, we're feeling overwhelmed from the day's labor: Remember to breathe. It's in the breathing we learn to let go and let God. Live one moment at a time, the present moment.

 Enough said. ^_^

Monday, May 2, 2016

Life's a Dance

As I write this blog, I've been feeling really tired...from work and in general keeping up with life. That 4 letter word, Life. What is Life?

My late boyfriend was a batman/superman fan, (part of the reason why I would like to watch the movie but that's besides the point). My new obsession is Pinterest, I've been searching images and random quotes on batman and superman; and here are the top ones that were inspiring:

Very true, if we never learn how to face our fears, we'll always be defeated and we won't know how strong we really are. Failure is not an option, it's going to happen but it's through those failures we learn about Life:
Don't give up!! Live life to the fullest! Be courageous! All those who have gone before us have taught us one important lesson, and that's not to fear, have faith that all things will work for those who Love. It's easier said than done, but nothing is impossible. We learn as we grow!

It's also important to remember, yes we are only human; it's normal to feel tired and weary after a long day at work. Listen to your body, it knows what is best. :)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

Life is weird...
Every minute counts...
I work as a server at a local restaurant in my home town and there's regular people who go fairly often. It's interesting to note that each one holds a different kind of story, everyone is unique. While cleaning tables, I'll go into a daze and my mind wonders, rather it be because of a song that comes on the radio or just think about pass time memories from my childhood.

It's been 5 years and some since my mom passed away, and today I saw a mom and her daughter having lunch together. It made me think of my mom, how she would always want the best for us and even though now at times I took her for granted. If only...thoughts play in my mind.

Another occasion, the #29 had been showing up quite often....The number represents something meaningful to me that I will forever cherish in my heart. As I was going to leave the drinks at a particular table where #29 was, there was nobody sitting there, only to realize later there were 3 drinks. Three drinks: Three very important people in my life. The thought occurred to me and made me smile. Then the people showed up and there was 1 male and 2 females, more so I thought wow God made me think of this for a moment as a grace that my boyfriend, sister and I would have one day enjoyed one another's company.

Life is amazing and weird at the same time....
I spilled the milk several times today while cleaning tables, and then thought can't cry over spilt milk. Life is messy, a truly beautiful mess. We can't expect life to be perfect because then we would be disappointed. Life is unpredictable, it pays to be punctual.

Don't take life for granted, or other people. Sometimes the biggest messes are the most beautiful surprises.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

LIfe's a beautiful mess

This week has been quite an adventure, mostly emotionally. Where should I start? First and foremost, I'm still grieving the loss of my late boyfriend who passed away a little over than 2 months ago and second of all, this particular circumstances has ignited emotions from when my mom passed away 5 years ago. We don't know when the end of our lives will come, until it comes and then what shall we do? How do we react? It usually comes when we least expect it, and that's usually what hurts the most. I am sure if we expected death for ourselves or for our loved ones, we would more than likely not take things for granted, but unfortunately due to our frail human nature we pass up opportunities that could have not been avoided. If only I...If only I was honest. If only I hadn't made so much excuses.

Today was a great day, I love my job as a server. I love coffee. I love making other people happy. I love God. I love my family and friends. I love to dance, dance like no one's watching and sing like no one's listening, even if it's off key!

Although I wish I was more honest, I wish I was more ambitious in standing up for myself and being more open especially to those in my family.

Things are never the same again, when a loved one passes away, we no longer get to feel their embrace, have long conversations with them on the phone, but this I know for sure they will forever and always be in our hearts. We must only but believe they are always with us, rather it be a song on the radio that reminds us of them or simply things like the wind blowing in our face.

To be continued....

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Life, Love, & Lent

Life, a combination of twists and turns.
Love, a mix of feelings and emotions.
Lent, build on service and sacrifice.

Live Simply. Love until it hurts & Let go and let God.
It is what it is.
Everything in life happens for a purpose.

Pray without ceasing.
It's only the beginning.
Hope never dies.

Talk is cheap.
Listen and learn.

Be kind for everyone is fighting their own battle.
The battle is in the mind.
The mind is a dark alley, don't go alone.

The world is a very lonely place.
And we need each other to lean on.
But sometimes we must fight alone.

The Rosary is our weapon against evil, the Eucharist gives us strength to endure, and the sacraments give us courage.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

A woman's heart is as deep as the ocean. --Rose from Titanic

Friday, January 29, 2016

On Letting Go

Today we mourn the loss of a very dear person I will always cherish in my  heart, my best friend and soul mate, Randy. My heart is heavy with sorrow, but faith tells me that he is with all the angels and saints in heaven. Death is not the end, it's only the beginning; the beginning of a new chapter called eternal life. Dying is hard, but living is harder, these words that Randy will always be in my heart. We must hang on to that hope that our Lord promised us that comes at the end of our days, the hope that we will be risen to be with our loved ones to rejoice and be glad forever and ever.

Today at Daily Mass, the priest mentioned that this earth is only temporary, our real home is in Heaven. Many people look for happiness on this earth, not knowing it can only be found and fulfilled above. May our Heavenly Father together with our Blessed Virgin Mary grant us the gift of Fortitude to endure the trials of this life so we may one day await the glory that awaits us in Heaven.

I will always love Randy, I will. He holds a special place in my heart that I will treasure all the days of my life.

May our feet journey together,
May our hands gather in unity,
May our hearts beat to the same rhythm,
May our souls be in harmony,
May our thoughts be in unison,
May our ears listen to the silence together,
May our glances melt in one another,
And may our lips beg Our Heavenly Father, together to obtain Mercy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On Letting Go

As I write this blog, my best friend is currently going through the most difficult times one can imagine. It's hard to imagine what death or dying would be like until it's happening. One always thinks or believes they will live forever, but what does forever mean? Eternity is forever. Our souls are what give life to our mortal bodies, they are a temporary vessel that houses them while we are on this earth.

"Death is hard, but living is harder." That's something he once mentioned to me, and it's very true. Living is not easy, there's so many trials and tribulations and obstacles to overcome, but in the end what we have left is faith. Without faith, we might as well be dead spiritually.

My best friend had an unwavering faith, more than I did. He made seemed possible the impossible, not only because he would do normal everyday tasks like cutting the yard and cooking. He taught me one important lesson, well a lot of lessons actually, one is that is that life is meant to be lived and cherish, not in spite of but by way of life's challenges and hurdles, in the end what really matters is that we hit that home run which is Heaven.

Love without limits and live like everyday is the last day of your life appreciating the beauty in little things. Yes, I loved him very much....for all eternity. Life is so brief on this earth, heaven is forever. This is not the end, it's only the beginning. I apologize for sounding anxious in this post, that's because I am; this is very much hard to accept but not impossible.

Lord, I pray that you grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen <3