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The Souls in Purgatory

How do we know for certain if our loved ones are in Heaven? What proof do we have, if there is any?  Sometimes there are signs that tell us they are. Before my grandpa passed away, He told my grandma he was going to send a sign telling her he made it to Heaven, sure enough he did. On the day of my grandpa's funeral mass, it was raining hard, as soon as we got to the cemetary the sun came out.

Gary Zimak is a blogger at followingthetruth and today he writes that only the church can say if the person is truly in Heaven. For reason, we need to continue praying for their souls. He states as an example to imagine you are that soul in purgatory unable to pray for ourselves, and nobody on earth is praying for you. We can all use each other's help to pray for each other always. Click over at Gary's blog to read the rest of the article. God bless.

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The Best Monday Ever!

1 hour, 15 minutes, goes by fast, at the bookstore with Grandma, walking and looking, and talking, until we found a book we liked, to sit and waste time, and look at, The Vatican. We counted 144 Popes, and other awesome Catholic stuff, and then time was up. We waited to go home,  after a wonderful day,  thanks be to God.

I love Paradoxes, they give me hope. Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of Pentacost, the  birthday of the Catholic Church, when the Holy Spirit was descended upon the apostles and they all began speaking in different tongues. Fr. Roy mentioned in his sermon on Sunday, the Holy Spirit is a mysterious energy that is at work in us that could take a lifetime to fully appreciate. It is the spirit that helps us see the dark places in our hearts and minds in the light.

The Holy Spirit made me think of a Paradox the other day, Everyday is another chance to do better. Then I read, Gretchin Rubin's blog and she was talking about Paradoxes. Her blog made me think about other Parado…

Joy and Pleasure

A question on Facebook group, Live Your Truth - Love Your Life got me contemplating the significance of joy and pleasure. Joe Paprocki states in his book, "7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness" that pleasures are desires we seek to scratch our itch. An itch is something that bothers us, for example: a loss of a loved one or job, financial difficulties, a breakup in a relationship, etc. Some of these pleasures we use to scratch our itch are: shopping, eating, drinking alcohol, using drugs, gambling, smoking, exercising, making love, playing video games, blogging/tweeting/surfing the internet, watching television, and working (62). 

Pleasure can be defined as external happiness, which usually ends in the result of feeling accomplished, if it does not get out of hand as Paprocki mentions in his book (62). Other examples would include: cleaning house, getting dressed up, conversing with a friend, etc.
Joy can be defined as internal happiness which results in The Theological Virtues: Fait…

LIfe is...

Life is one big puzzle when your young, between middle age and being a teenager, most things don't always make complete sense. We must trust that the struggles we are undergoing are only temporary and not eternal.  At the same time, be an optimist and a realist, and an opportunist. We have to understand, everything happens for a purpose, and second chances are rarely given. No matter how hard we try, the puzzle is never complete without faith, in the one who made us.
"In the end everything will work out, if it's not working out it's not the end." - Unknown