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Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

Life is weird...
Every minute counts...
I work as a server at a local restaurant in my home town and there's regular people who go fairly often. It's interesting to note that each one holds a different kind of story, everyone is unique. While cleaning tables, I'll go into a daze and my mind wonders, rather it be because of a song that comes on the radio or just think about pass time memories from my childhood.

It's been 5 years and some since my mom passed away, and today I saw a mom and her daughter having lunch together. It made me think of my mom, how she would always want the best for us and even though now at times I took her for granted. If only...thoughts play in my mind.

Another occasion, the #29 had been showing up quite often....The number represents something meaningful to me that I will forever cherish in my heart. As I was going to leave the drinks at a particular table where #29 was, there was nobody sitting there, only to realize later there were 3 drinks. Three drinks: Three very important people in my life. The thought occurred to me and made me smile. Then the people showed up and there was 1 male and 2 females, more so I thought wow God made me think of this for a moment as a grace that my boyfriend, sister and I would have one day enjoyed one another's company.

Life is amazing and weird at the same time....
I spilled the milk several times today while cleaning tables, and then thought can't cry over spilt milk. Life is messy, a truly beautiful mess. We can't expect life to be perfect because then we would be disappointed. Life is unpredictable, it pays to be punctual.

Don't take life for granted, or other people. Sometimes the biggest messes are the most beautiful surprises.


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Entering into the crossroads of life can feel like a ton of bricks falling on top of us, it's overwhelming at first but in time, we learn to realize the importance of what is being taught. A good friend recently told me, there is no such thing as missed opportunities, just lessons to be learned. We, being creatures of habit, cringe when things suddenly change, but change is a very good thing. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Honestly, without change, life would be boring. As the clock ticks at every second, so we move from one place to another in our thoughts, our words, our actions except when we are sleeping. Life is filled with a ton of surprises, the question is not in rather we open our eyes to see them but in opening our hearts to accept what each moment brings; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's easier said then done, but live each moment like it's your last. Be present everywhere you go and don't forget to smile! Lots of Love!! <3 :) 

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July 31, 2012

Awhile back, I wrote a post on the difference between Joy and Happiness. I mentioned how Joy is internal and Happiness is external. Happiness is an action, for example: we exercise to make our bodies feel good. Joy is a feeling, for example: we experience joy when we pray, hearing stories from my grandma's past-time. Happiness lasts but a short while, so we need more of it in bursts.  Joy is everlasting, it is infinite. Today I am joyful. Joy brings forth graditude and graditude brings joy within and all around in our lives. May you have a blessed day filled with abundant joy. :-)

God bless,


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