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Just breathe...

Today was my day off from work....
To start off with, it wasn't much of a day off but I am blessed to have gotten household chores done like laundry and the like...
Time flies when you're having fun...or so the saying goes. Life moves rather quickly, sometimes it's good to just stop and breathe; giving thanks for another day, another moment to cherish. Each moment is sacred, no matter what... Time is like a passing shadow that envelops us from head to toe, it comes and goes like a shooting arrow. At times, when my boyfriend and I would spend time together, he showed me the most important part of just being....that's breathing. When emotions want to take over, we're feeling overwhelmed from the day's labor: Remember to breathe. It's in the breathing we learn to let go and let God. Live one moment at a time, the present moment.

Enough said. ^_^

Life's a Dance

As I write this blog, I've been feeling really tired...from work and in general keeping up with life. That 4 letter word, Life. What is Life?

My late boyfriend was a batman/superman fan, (part of the reason why I would like to watch the movie but that's besides the point). My new obsession is Pinterest, I've been searching images and random quotes on batman and superman; and here are the top ones that were inspiring:

Very true, if we never learn how to face our fears, we'll always be defeated and we won't know how strong we really are. Failure is not an option, it's going to happen but it's through those failures we learn about Life:
Don't give up!! Live life to the fullest! Be courageous! All those who have gone before us have taught us one important lesson, and that's not to fear, have faith that all things will work for those who Love. It's easier said than done, but nothing is impossible. We learn as we grow!

It's also important to rememb…