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On Life and Relationships

"You aren't ready for a relationship?" "How can you be ready for a relationship?" "Are you really ready for a relationship?"  These are questions that the world throws at us, but when it comes to the heart to heart moment, but what do we do? 99.9% of the time we run from it. 
Why? Because we are scared.  Scared of what? Scared of the Unknown. 
We are creatures of habit and always want to know what comes next, which is pretty much the reason why we set timers and create to-do list to fill our days. 
What's the point of all this?  Are we trying to live our lives or empty our minds? Life is full of chaos, why add anymore junk we don't need! The world wants us to think we don't have time for this or that, but the truth we do, We have all the time in the world; hence the days are long, the years are short. The question lies in how will we make the most of the time we are given? 
Now back to the question at the beginning, of course nobody is rea…